March Apothecary Tip: Arnica

It’s a fact: life is full of bumps and bruises.  Luckily, mother nature also gave us Arnica to help heal them!  This little yellow flower, also known as Arnica Montana, is known to be a miraculous anti-inflammatory that’s great for muscle soreness and stiffness.  Whether you have arthritis, painful joints, bruises, or a sprain, when used topically Arnica is commonly used to reduce pain and swelling.  Definitely one for the first aid kit!

Arnica is one of the main ingredients in Molly Muriel’s Trauma Healer, which comes as a lotion or bath & body oil:

Molly Muriel’s Trauma Healer oil is made by doing a 90 day solar infusion before it is strained, bottled, and combined with a blend of essential oils that have similar healing qualities.  Apply it directly to the afflicted area, or pour in your bath -- the hot water will loosen the muscles and open your pores, allowing the Arnica’s benefits to soak right into your tissue!

The Trauma Healer lotion is made by steeping the herb before emulsification, but is never heated over 140º to keep all of Arnica’s medicinal benefits alive.  Rub it directly on your joint, bruise, or muscle for relief.


Don’t forget, we also have bulk Arnica available for sale at the Molly Muriel Portland-area shop!

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