Apothecary Spotlight ~ Tillandsia

Confession.... I have a new obsession.... it's called a tillandsia, although most people know it as an air plant. These magnificent creatures have crept into my world and we're having a blast together! Here are some from my collection.

There are about 550 species of tillandsias and they are native to warmer climates. You can find them growing in the wild in jungles, rainforests, and even arid deserts. Their roots attach to trees or rocks, and they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. So they don't need soil. This makes them very versatile in a home environment. We like to experiment and find creative homes for the tillandsias in our shop.

If you don't think you have a 'green thumb', never fear, these little beauties might change your mind. Caring for them is really quite easy. We soak ours in water once a week for about an hour, gently shake the droplets off, and lay them out to dry. As for light, they like a lot of it, but not directly. Keep them in a naturally well lit room but not in the sunlight for too long. And they like good air circulation. It's that simple! These gems will add some serious goodness to your space. Once in a while they'll flower (which is an amazing sight), and they just may sprout a 'pup' and you'll end up with another airplant.

Check out our retail shop for a fine selection of tillandsia to brighten your day. We're working on adding these to our online shop.