The Salt Cave Experience at Zama

Last December I visited Zama Massage to try a new treatment. It had been an exhausting season and I knew I needed something drastic to help calm my nerves and lower my stress level. I had heard about this new treatment that was offered there called Halo Therapy that basically entails a massage in a Salt Cave. I read up a bit, and knew it was for me. So, I thought I'd bring this awareness to you in case you need some healthy stress-relieving.

When you first walk into Zama Massage, on NE Broadway in Portland, OR, you are greeted with a lovely environment filled with soft, relaxing music, calmness, and an array of healthy products. This setting made me instantly feel relaxed!

I was escorted downstairs to the salt cave and entered a semi-lit room that seemed to have glowing salt rocks lining the walls and ceiling. It was an amazing sight. I knew at that moment that I was in for quite an experience, and indeed it was!

As soon as the halo generator turned on, and the microscopic salt particles infiltrated the air and my lungs, I instantly felt like I could breathe deeper than I had in months. I later learned that it was also the negative ions surrounding me that really brought with them the intense relaxation I felt. As the walls glowed, my mind sunk further into a truly calm and peaceful state.

This treatment was unlike any I had experienced before, and it helped that my massage therapist was an extremely talented lady named Riza who intuitively knew exactly what I needed in that moment! I left that session knowing that I would be returning, and telling all of my friends about this. And that is exactly why I felt the need to bring this information to you.

Zama Massage is the only place in Portland that you will find this wonderful "salt cave" experience. You can also visit them just to sit in the cave and breathe in the healing magic.  If you feel the need to bring some deep relaxation, calmness, or de-stressing into your life, I would highly recommend this treatment. You can find out more information on the health benefits at as well as any specials they may be running.