Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store in Portland?

A: We opened our storefront location in the Portland area in February of 2014. This space also houses our production studio, so while shopping you can gaze into the facility and see the lovely products being made right before your eyes! Stop by, we're open Mondays through Saturdays from 12-6 & Sundays 10-4. The address is 11049 SE 21st Ave, Milwaukie, OR 97222. It is located in the quaint area of downtown Milwaukie, just south of Sellwood.

Do you ever have a sale on products?

A: Yes, we do monthly on-line sales and you will be notified through our newsletter when you submit your email address.

Your prices seem pretty steep, why are your products more expensive than some others out there?

A: Our prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product you are purchasing. It is much more expensive to make products using high quality, often organic, ingredients. We use food grade oil in all our products as well as essential oils instead of perfumes or fragrances. We package lotions and oils in glass to cut down on the use of plastic.

Do your products do any damage to the environment?

A: We intentionally take steps to lessen the burden of our products on the environment. For example, we use no harsh chemicals, fragrance oils, perfumes, or pigments in any product. We also choose to package many products in glass instead of plastic. Here at Molly Muriel we feel that humans can work with the environment, not against it, by making some simple yet important decisions.

I noticed your website claims that the products are 'natural'. What does this mean?

A: There are many companies out there that claim to be natural yet use harsh chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to us and our environment. By 'natural' we mean just that! Read any Molly Muriel label and you won't find a harsh thing there! No SLS, no sulfates, no phthalates, if it isn't simple we don't want it! We use food grade oils, organic herbs, botanical powders, clays, essential oils, and floral waxes. We feel that if you read an ingredient list and can't pronounce something, it could be questionable.

How does a shampoo bar work?

A: Simply wet your hair thoroughly and rub the bar into your wet hair. It only takes a little to suds a lot, so the bar will last a long time. And it is gentle because it is all natural so it won't strip the healthy pH balance away. The shampoo bars contain conditioning oils as well, so your hair will come out clean, soft, and healthy. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Are the shampoo bars safe for color treated hair?

A: Yes, because they are all natural, they are gentle and won't damage color treated hair.

What is the difference between your dog shampoo bar and liquid dog shampoo?

A: Our dog shampoo is all natural so first and foremost it is better for your pup. It contains oils that clean and condition fur, and essential oils that help with odor and repel fleas and ticks. It also has a touch of oatmeal for skin soothing. We have had numerous reports of doggie skin allergies being alleviated with the use of this bar. And a little goes a long way. Just get your dog wet and rub the bar into their fur. It sudses up quickly and rinses out easily, unlike liquid shampoo. Give it a try, your dog will thank you!

What is your most popular soap for a man?

A: Well, that all depends on the man. But, in out experience, we have found a lot of men drawn to the 'Warm & Woodsy' (cedarwood) or the 'Rise & Shine' (mint) bars.

Are your products safe for children?

A: Being natural, our products should be completely safe for children, unless a child has a specific allergy or sensitive young skin. Be sure to read ingredient lists!

Will you be doing any craft shows or events in the future?

A: We do a few events throughout the year at various locations. Submit your email address to receive our newsletter and information on all upcoming events and sales.