LIVER CLEANSE (organic) herbal tea blend


LIVER CLEANSE (organic) herbal tea blend

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This rooty and robust decoction aids in liver health and works as a blood purifier to cleanse the system. Sip when you feel overworked, under stress or use as a liver cleanse program to detoxify the body.

Aroma + Taste: Hearty and complex with minty floral notes.

Brew Time: 15 minutes, covered. *Best to drink cool.

Cleanse Program: Drink four cups daily for 14 days, then break for 7 days. Repeat cycle two more times.

All Organic Ingredients: Burdock root, Oregon grape root, dandelion root, yellow dock root, nettle root, wood betony, peppermint, ginger root, German chamomile, calendula, and blessed thistle.

Note: All herbal teas come packaged in a kraft tin-tie gift bag with ingredient list and brewing instructions.


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